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Rachel Dawes
3 June 1988
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Character Name: Rachel Dawes
Series: Batman
Gender: Female
Age: Roughly 30
Species: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual

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Rachel was, for the most part, a relatively average looking woman. Despite being in her early thirties, she had aged well, keeping a slender physique thanks to proper eating habits and the occasional work out. Rahcel is a brunette, and her long hair usually worn up while she’s working. Even when she’s not on the job she dresses in a professional manner. In her death, the explosion severely burned much of Rachel’s backside. Her hair has been somewhat burnt, and is now shorter than it once was. For now, the areas of her back that were burned are covered in blisters, but once the blisters healed there will be an array of resulting burn scars on her back and neck primarily, as well as the backs of her legs and arms.

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Rachel is an intelligent, hard working individual. Her work with as the assistant DA can be assumed as a sort of ‘Man’s World’ mentality, yet she holds up with the best of them, and is successful in her pursuits. She is strong willed, even to the point of willing to stand up against someone as intimidating as the Joker. Rachel is not easy to scare or to get to back down, and when she believes in something she will fight for it until the end. She is sociable, and prides herself on the many friendships that she has made. Rachel can also be very stubborn, and her bad habit of seeing things in black and white can make her stubbornness a little worse. Despite her stubbornness, Rachel is a caring person, and does her best to support those that she loves.

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Abilities: Rachel posses no sort of powers, natural or otherwise. She is a woman of average strength, however she is very intelligent and quick thinking. She attended law school, and interned at the Gotham City District Attorney’s Office before eventually become Assistant DA. As such, she is very knowledgeable about the law and criminology. Unfortunately, this might not have much practical use outside of the courtroom, but she’s talented at arguing because of it.

Weaknesses: Rachel, while intelligent, tends to see things in black and white. When she sees something as right or wrong, that is what she sticks to, and views it as an absolute. Her training in law has made her approaches to situations more ‘by the book’ than most, and she is uncomfortable trying to approach them otherwise. Rachel also seems to jump to conclusions in text

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Rachel was born and raised in Gotham City, whose mother was a domestic servant at Wayne Manor. Her and Bruce were childhood friends, but after Bruce’s parents were murdered, her and her mother moved away. After doing well all through high school, she enrolled in law school, eventually receiving an internship at the Goth District Attorney’s office. She dedicated herself to trying to fight the rising crime in Gotham, not hesitating in going after the big names, which leads to her making enemies of Falcone and Jonathon Crane. Falcone sends two of his thugs to kill her, but she is rescued by Batman, who she does not yet know is actually her old friend Bruce Wayne.

Crane drugs her with his fear toxin while she is evaluating Falcone in Arkham Asylum, but is given the antidote by Batman shortly after. He tells her about Crane’s involvement in the League of Shadows, a terrorist organization. Batman sedates her and returns her home, after which she delivers the anti-toxin to sergeant Jim Gordon. When the League of Shadows start a riot in the slums, Rachel is trapped and tries to defend herself and a young boy against The Scarecrow using a taser. Batman rescues her once again, and after giving her a hint as to his true identity, Rachel realizes that it is really Bruce Wayne. Despite her feelings for him, she decides that it’s best for both of them that they not be together while he is still leading a double life.

Rachel eventually starts to date Gotham’s new DA, Harvey Dent. Her relationship with Dent makes her a target for the Joker, but even being dropped out of a window doesn’t stop her from continuing her fight against the crime in Gotham City. She doesn’t share the same belief in Batman’s role as a vigilante that Harvey does, and doesn’t believe that Bruce will be able to give up Batman. She is upset about Harvey taking Bruce’s place in the Batman arrest, and leaves a letter for Bruce with Alfred explaining that she has decided to marry Harvey. Rachel is kidnapped, taken to 250 52nd street and tied to a chair in a room full of barrels of gasoline rigged to explode in five minutes. Bruce leaves the MCU to rescue Rachel, but was lied to by the Joker and ended up at Harvey’s location instead. The police do not arrive in time to save her, and the drums of oil explode with her still inside.

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